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The lightweight Olympus 12-100mm f/4 M.Zuiko PRO Lens covers a focal length range that previously required the help of a second lens to achieve at this level of quality. It features a constant aperture of f/4, a dust-, splash-, and freeze-proof construction, and a minimum working distance of just 1.5cm for extreme close-ups. Furthermore, Z Coating Nano significantly reduces flare and ghosting.

Key Features: Olympus 12-100mm f/4 M.Zuiko PRO Lens 

  • Professional 8.3x travel zoom lens 
  • Constant 1:4.0 aperture 
  • Dust-, splash- and freezeproof 
  • 1.5cm minimum working distance for extreme close-up performance 
  • Combines up to 6.5 EV steps** compensation when used with compatible Olympus camera and built-in 5-axis Sync IS 
  • Z Coating Nano to significantly reduce flaring 
  • High-precision, very fast AF 
  • L-Fn button and focus clutch 
  • Weight: only 561g 

Travel Light 
The Olympus 12-100mm f/4 M.Zuiko PRO Lens is the first professional 8.3x zoom lens with a constant f/4 aperture: previously, at least 2 lenses were required to provide this focal length range with the same high image quality. This level of versatility is underscored by the inherent lightweight and compact Micro Four Thirds system characteristics and the dust-, splash- and freezeproof attributes that all Olympus M.ZUIKO Pro products share. 

Down to the Finest Detail 
Breathtaking close-ups are at your fingertips with the Olympus 12-100mm f/4 M.Zuiko PRO Lens. A minimum working distance of just 1.5cm ensures the possibility to capture the finest detail at amazingly short range and benefit from extreme wide-angle shooting capabilities. 

Unprecedented Image Quality 
Built-in image stabilisation of up to 6.5 EV steps compensation (when used with compatible Olympus camera models) is provided by the 5-axis Sync IS system. Flaring is also significantly reduced thanks to the lens’ Z Coating Nano. A very fast, high precision AF system is also on board to capture still or moving subjects with the highest clarity and definition. Photographers will also value the customizable L-Fn button, which users can individually set to obtain fast access to a specific lens function, as well as the focus clutch feature that assist in allowing for smoother and faster manual focusing whenever the situation arises. 


M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-100mm 1:4.0 IS PRO

  • Aperture Blades 7
    Filter Thread Size (mm) 72
    Focal Length – Tele (mm) 100
    Focal Length – Wide (mm) 12
    Hood Model LH-76B
    Included Accessories LC-62E Lens Cap, LR-2 Rear Lens Cap, LSC-0811 Lens Case, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card
    Lens Mount Micro Four Thirds
    Lens Type Telephoto Zoom
    Maximum Aperture – Tele 4
    Maximum Aperture – Wide 4
    Minimum Aperture 22
    Number of Lens Elements 17
    Number of Lens Groups 11
    Size (mm) (D x L) 77.5 x 116.5mm
    Weight (g) 561
    Angle of view (degrees) 84-12 degrees
    Crop factor 2.0x
    Minimum Focus Distance (m) 0.15
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