ZenDog Calming Compression Shirts apply a firm and maintained hold to certain pressure points on the dog's body, similar to swaddling a baby.  Like humans our 'fur babies' are no different! These are an excellent way of helping your dog through difficult and stressful situations without medical intervention.

These shirts are totally drug-free and used in conjunction with the ZenPet Calming Spray will help calm or even combat the symptoms your dog is experiencing

ZenDog Uses: Noise Anxiety e.g Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Aeroplanes.  Travel Anxiety or Car Sickness. Seperation Anxiety.  Crate Anxiety.  Barking.  Lead Pulling.  General Nervousness.


Small, chest size 14-23", weight 20-30lbs

Medium, chest size 20-26", weight 30-45lbs

Large, chest size 24-31", weight 45-65lbs


Zen Dog Calming Compression Shirt


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