Paws by the Lake is a specialist Dog Shop (sorry cat, fish, & small furry owners)...

Whilst we stock a range of the 'normal' dog stuff, such as food, toys, treats, coats, collars and leads, etc., we specialise in equipment for active outdoor dogs. We can also give free advice on the most appropriate products for you and your dog, and offer a free fitting service for harnesses, lifejackets, dog-boots, coats and backpacks.

We do not sell aversive equipment so please don't ask for choke chains or 'anti pull' type harnesses which 'work' by causing the dog discomfort. Dog training should be force free and reward based

We do now offer an online shop of our more popular items, but please contact us if you wish to order anything else not listed

We stock the following at all times, in addition to various seasonal items and are always trying new lines - so please ask if you want something not listed below.

Collars & Leads

  • Red Dingo

  • Trixie

  • Hem & Boo (Dog & Co)

  • Miro & Makauri

  • Julius K9

  • Ancol

  • Arctic Wolf


  • Julius K9 (IDC only)

  • Trixie

  • Ferplast

  • Hem & Boo (Dog & Co)

  • Red Dingo

  • Rogz

  • Ancol Viva

  • Arctic Wolf


  • Float Coats (Life-Jackets) -  Active K9

  • Dog Boots - Ferplast, AFP and Arctic Wolf

  • Walking belts - Trixie and Active K9

  • Dog Backpack/carrier - Trixie and Active K9

  • Bike attachment - Trixie


  • Trixie

  • Chuck-it

  • Kong

  • Gor-Pets

  • Ancol

  • Animal Instincts

  • Hem & Boo


  • Burns (Dried)

  • Harringtons (Dried & Pouches)

  • Wolf Tucker (Frozen RAW)

  • Paws by the lake grain free (dried 55% meat content)

  • Forthglade (Dried & Pouches)



  • Harringtons

  • Wagg

  • Naturals range 100% meat

  • Whimzees

  • Yakers & Pluto chews

  • Pet Munchies

  • Paws by the lake Treats

Coats & Jackets

  • Danish design 2 in 1

  • Outhwaite / Animate

  • Trixie Raincoats

  • Ancol Stormguard 

  • Ancol Fleeces and Jumpers

  • Henry Wag towel coats

Dog Beds 

  • Gorpets

  • Hem & Boo

  • Vetbed

  • Trixie

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